Maggie Stiefvater Shares her 2013 Resolutions!

The new year is literally right around the corner. We all set New Year resolutions for ourselves. They do not always get accomplished. Maggie Stiefvater shared her resolutions for 2013 on Tumblr. She even tell’s us which one’s she accomplished.

One of Maggie’s resolutions is to write Raven Boys III. She blurred the name of it and has since changed it.

Check out Maggie’s below:

Oh, bitter, bitter, Anon.
For starters, why are you still Anon? I thought we talked about this.
Secondly, you have selected the wrong author to commiserate with over New Year’s Resolutions, as I have made resolutions every year since I was a teenager.
Thirdly, I always keep promises to myself, because I like myself. Why would I lie to me, my dearest friend? What would I do to myself if I couldn’t trust myself to do the things I say?
Fourthly, I have just crossed my office and retrieved my resolutions from last year to see how I did.


Not bad, Anon. I didn’t do bad at all.
I did #1-2. I changed #3 to SINNER in March. #4 is Raven Boys III — that’s not the title anymore, but I blurred it out anyway, to look enigmatic. I did #5 and they took away my teeth. Well, some of them. #6? In a very kind-hearted way, I allowed someone to use my future (music) studio space as a place to store their moving boxes, but I have acquired all of my studio stuff and it lurks in my basement, waiting.
I did not do #7.
I did #8. I did #9 — I finished it yesterday. I dragged out all the brush and trees I murdered with saws and the first week of January I shall burn their bodies with my friends in a giant LET’S-BURN-THINGS-RITUALLY-BONFIRE on a mountaintop. I also did #10. Man, some of #10 I can’t wait to show you.
I did not do #11.
I did the hell out of #12. For the first half of the year, I even brought them with me on tour and when I traveled to research books and I practiced for 30 minutes to an hour every day.
I do not lie to myself, Anon. And you shouldn’t either. Go make the damn list.
I can’t believe how inspirational this is.

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New Ronan and Kavinsky fan-art by Cassandra Jean!

Cassandra Jean has shared some brand new fan-art of Ronan and Kavinsky.


Raven Boys fanart!
[maggie: redacted for awesome][I mean spoilers] Maggie suggested it might be a more economical choice for us to adopt Jaguars instead of tigers. I am inclined to agree. It would be MUCH easier to fit a pair of jaguars into my jeep.

What Maggie wrote:

This is why Cassandra is just the best. I mean, there’s a reason we’re getting jaguars.
[ETA for a confession from Maggie: although my playlist for The Dream Thieves, from Ronan’s POV, is all rap and Bulgarian hip hop and electronica, sometimes I daydream of what The Dream Thieves would have looked like if I’d written it from Kavinsky’s POV, and the song I would have on that playlist is “In This Shirt” by the Irrepressibles and it would be a very different book]

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Maggie Stiefvater Shares 2 Lines from Raven Boys III!

For Christmas Maggie Stiefvater shared two lines from Raven Boys III on her Tumblr:

A fan asked: Anonymous asked:
hey maggs, for christmas would you tell us three things we don’t know about each of the raven boys? not spoilery things, just random things like how gansey likes his tea or what adams middle name is, stuff like that. thanks! happy holidays!

Maggie’s answer: I can’t, because my brain doesn’t work that way — if I knew it about them, and it was interesting, it would be in one of the books.
But I can give you two lines from the third book, with the following disclaimers:
1) this draft is drafty, so it might disappear
2) it is not really spoilery, I don’t think, but if you don’t want to know anything at all, flutter your eyes super fast and scroll up in a hurry.
3) don’t tell my editor that I did this for you, Tumblr, or he will lay an egg and that is not a gif you want to see.

Here are the two lines Maggie shared:


Happy Holidays, people! You shall have the rest of this in fall of 2014.

Now, I’m going to go play with my toys.

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Adam Parrish Playlist!

A fan asked Maggie Stiefvater what kind of songs she listens to while writing about Adam Parrish and she has shared a playlist. Check out the playlist below:

“Unwinding Cable Car” – Anberlin
“Where Have You Been?” Manchester Orchestra
“Light Outside” – Wakey!Wakey!
“Feeling a Moment” – Feeder
“Crooked Kind” – Radical Face
“I Gave You All” – Mumford & Sons
“Lullabye” – Emitt Rhodes
“Raining Nextdoor” – Ringside
“Fix You” – Coldplay
“Opus 36″ – Dustin O’Halloran
“Sick Cycle Carousel” – Lifehouse
“Wild Wolves” – Athlete
“For You” – Wolf Rider
“Ghost Lights” – Woodkid
“Wars” – Hurt

She has also shared a link of 10 of the songs in a playlist. Click here to listen to the playlist.

If you like any of the songs be sure to buy them to support the artists.

What do you think of the playlist?

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Maggie Stiefvater in the Process of Writing Songs for Raven Boys III!

On December 4th The Raven Boys author Maggie Stiefvater shared a photo on her Tumblr of a song in the process of being written for The Raven Boys III.

Caption: Abruptly distracted from my writing of novels by my need to write something else down.

If you want to listen to the other songs that Maggie has written for her books go here.

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Maggie Steivater Goes Raven Boys Exploring!

Maggie Stiefvater is working on the third book in the Raven’s Cycle, which is called Raven Boys III for now.

On December 2nd Maggie went Raven Boys exploring with her brother and sister. She shared a few photos from the day on her Tumblr.

Did the Raven Boys thing yesterday with Brother the Youngest and my sister. Up around Mary’s Rock, looking for moss and sleeping Welsh kings and stuff.

Also got pulled over in the Camaro, but that is a different photo set entirely.

Check out the photos:






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Maggie Stiefvater talks The Dream Thieves, Psychics and more with Dallas News!

Maggie Stiefvater got interviewed by Dallas News. During the interview she talked psychics, The Dream Theives and more.

Check out the interview below:

Stacy and Kristen: The Raven Boys, the first in the Raven Cycle, was told mainly through Blue and Gansey’s perspective. Dream Thieves was a little different, told in more of a male perspective (Ronan and the assassin). Will the perspective shift again in the third installment of the series? If so, who’s story/perspective will be highlighted in the next book?

Maggie: I am amused that you think I will spoiler on myself. HA! That requires more trickery and cunning. I do very much enjoy shifting the narrative between the members of the group, because each of them sees the real world and the magical world in a different light — I like to think it gives the reader a more nuanced, complicated sense of the story. The third book will shift again, but there’s no way I will tell you who it focuses on. Though you’re free to guess. Nothing wrong with guessing.

Stacy and Kristen: Blue Sargent, from the Raven Cycle books, comes from a family of psychics. We are curious, have you ever visited a psychic yourself or have a psychic experience you’d be willing to share?

Maggie: Like Blue, the female members of my family have a reputation for being a little creepy in this department, although none of them have considered a 1-900 number. Are 1-900 numbers still a thing? I just realized that I haven’t seen one advertised in a long time. Anyway, I’m just going to settle on this: I’ve learned to trust their intuition. While I was on tour a few years ago, I thought it would be interesting to go to an official psychic and see what it was all about. I was in the process of writing The Raven Boys and thought it might give me some insight — on psychics, not on my life goals. Honestly, I didn’t expect the psychic to be any good. Mostly I wanted to have the pleasurable experience of being fooled. Of having someone cleverly psychoanalyze me as they parted me from my money. But what happened instead was a young woman in a depressingly suburban home told me she saw success in my future and danger in my past and that I’d live a nice long life as a fashionista. Then she offered me psychic protection for an additional, rotating fee. I was so utterly disappointed. She wasn’t even a con artist. There was no art to it at all. I could forge you a much better reading.

Kristen and Stacy: We are sooo excited about your planned spin-off from the Shiver Trilogy(The Wolves of Mercy Falls) featuring Isabel and Cole! They are such strong, interesting characters; we always felt they should have their own story. Why did you decide to write it now?

Maggie: I’d tossed around the idea for quite a long time, but I just didn’t have enough distance from their stories to see how I would complete their character arcs. This spring, I suddenly realized I knew what happened to them. My schedule was already stuffed to the gills — I was editing The Dream Thieves, had just agreed to write a middle grade multi-author series with Scholastic, and I’d signed on to do a book about novel revision with my two critique partners — but it didn’t matter. For me, there is never much space between having an idea and doing the idea. So I stuffed it into the schedule.

Kristen and Stacy: The Scorpio Races is one of the books of our heart; after reading it we could feel Thisby in our blood and the sea salt in our hair. We know The Scorpio Races is intended as a stand-alone novel, but would you ever consider revisiting that world in the future as well?

Maggie: I’ve said before that I might revisit that book when I’m 50. Remember how I just said I needed more objectivity in order to return to Cole and Isabel? The same goes here, one thousand times over. I am just so pleased with how The Scorpio Races turned out that I wouldn’t return to it unless I felt a sequel could match it.

Kristen and Stacy: You’re an artist, a musician, an amateur film maker – how did you choose writing young adult fiction as a means over your other artistic talents? Or are they all interrelated?

Maggie: This is a question that I struggled with a lot as a teen. I didn’t realize that really, what I wanted to do was tell stories. The music, art, words, animation . . . that’s just the medium for the story. Once I figured out what the important part was, the story-telling, the moving around of people’s emotions, I could concentrate on learning how to perfect that. Everything I take on now is just another story-telling technique.

Kristen and Stacy: As a top young adult author you have access to some of the best young adult literature, what are some of your recent reads that you recommend?

Maggie: The glory of young adult literature is that we all have access to the best young adult literature. I recently finished REVOLUTION, by Jennifer Donnelly, which I enjoyed a lot, and I’d definitely pair that with CODE NAME VERITY, by Elizabeth Wein. They are both tinged with history (the latter takes place in World War II), both have great and specific characters, and both are big, messy, complicated affairs that withstand dissection by book clubs or dinner parties.

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